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How can choosing the right college change your life?


For me, it's about opening yourself up to opportunities you never knew existed.

Starting the college journey can be stressful.

Don't worry. I got you. 

My name is Dr. Christine Levinson, and I'm the founder of College Collabs. I'm an educator with years of experience as a teacher, assistant principal, and assistant professor. I taught middle and high school English, and I helped create a blended learning program at USC Hybrid High's flagship school in downtown LA.

Our program was so successful that 100% of our students were accepted into college! As part of my job, I worked with teachers to design a personalized learning model that allowed students to learn at their own pace and created a college-ready curriculum with real-world performance assessments.

In addition to my work at USC Hybrid High, I've also taught at Whittier College's School of Education and worked as an online adjunct assistant professor at the University of Southern California

I am a National Board Certified Teacher who earned my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Cal State Dominguez Hills and an Ed.D. from USC's Rossier School of Education. Prior to that, I received my bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Spanish from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you and help you on your own educational journey!


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Why College Collabs?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the college application process? Don't worry, I'm here to help!

I've been through the college search process myself, attending various public, private, and community colleges, and have also taught at the same schools where I learned. I know firsthand how confusing and stressful the application process can be. That's why I created College Collabs - to provide personalized guidance and support to make the process easier and more successful for you and your family.

When I first started my business, I focused on one-on-one consultations with students and their families. As my experience and services grew, I expanded to offer a wide range of services from comprehensive college application guidance to online courses that help you design your future.

What sets College Collabs apart is my passion for helping students like you achieve your college goals. I understand that everyone's journey is unique, and I'm committed to providing personalized services that fit your individual needs.

So let's work together to make your college dreams a reality. Contact me today to learn more about how College Collabs can help you succeed!

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